Here are the courses we offer throughout the year in all venues.

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Desiging Space and Form: (2 days)

June 2 & 3, 2018

9am-5pm Hakubai Temple Boulder, Colorado

No experience with tree-trimming is required, but you need to bring your own pine trimmers and gloves. The class will include meditation instruction and practice as the basis of all design projects.


The Art of Placement (2 Days)

June 9th & 10th

9am-5pm Hakubai Temple Boulder, Colorado

The art of placement is the second fundamental of non-dual design after form and space. Within it are contained the subjects of proportion, scale, and relationships. From the field of emptiness in which both the designer and the designed are contained, Heaven and Earth are joined. From this awareness, we can hear the will of the stone. We'll work with large boulders as well as models to explore the art of placement. REGISTER AND PAY

SELF, OTHER AND NON-BEING. Portraiture and Personal Mythology

July 28th & 29th, 2018

9am-5pm Hakubai Temple Boulder, Colorado

From the time as infants we say “I” or “me” we begin a solo journey. We enter a relative world of dualism, of self and other and thus begins our personal narrative. Is our story based in fact or an imagined fiction stitched together by random or intended events? Is it true? Is it a mythology? And who exactly is asking this question?


We will investigate these questions and others that arise naturally during this course. The (2 or 5) day workshop is designed for photographers, videographers, writers and creative artists of all mediums with an emphasis on realizing a final portrait of a subject, informed by our studies and interviews with them.

All participants will be responsible for their own supplies in your chosen medium while keeping in mind that we are limited with space for large expressions and within a timeframe of the duration of the course. 




Introduction to Zen Design, The Beginning (2 days)

November 05, 2018

November 5th, 2018

Patagonia, Arizona

This is an introduction to Zen (Non-Dual Design). You will learn a different way to see life and how to transform your world into a sacred field. You'll learn how to transform your environment and yourself, a dance that will lead to a sacred aesthetic experience. REGISTER AND PAY



Philosphy of Aesthetics from Hegel through Dewey to Dogen

November 11, 2018

November 11th, 2018

Patagonia, AZ

The junction of design and the spiritual is in aesthetics. We'll look at aesthetics as a spiritual practice that can lead to enlightenment. From Hegel through John Dewey to Nishida Kitaro and the Kyoto school to the present day, we'll look at how aesthetics informs our actions, our discernments, and our moral values.... 



Contemplative Photography (2 days)


Non-Dual Art/Design can be applied to any art or design form. Here we'll explore photography as the medium. Led by highly experienced photographers, you'll learn how to see freshly, see the world in all its glory before it is named, and express insight spontaneously with your camera. 

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