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May 16, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Entering your garden is an event.  The outside world is left behind; the comfort of home beckons.  The entryway marks this transition and, in a contemplative landscape, brings us quickly to awareness of the present moment.

A good entry design distinguishes the “outside” from the “inside” of the garden.  There are numerous ways to do this: with a change of materials for the walkway from the sidewalk or driveway; with an arbor; with trees or shrubs to direct you toward the walkway; or with raised beds that guide you onto a path.  One of our favorite means of entry is the front gate.

A gate can be any material or style, so long as it sets the tone of the garden beyond.  Here is the entry gate to a home in Boulder, Colorado, before re-design:

Though it showed the way to the entry and helped to mark off the garden from the drive, the gate was too small for the grander entry beyond.  The plants were overgrown and didn’t offer much visual interest or invitation.

The re-design called for a longer, more prominent wall, and a gateway that more accurately reflected the scale of the home beyond.  The entry outside the gate was completely re-worked, with a cheerful garden of rocks and plants that now set the tone for the entry.  The sight of this new gate gives the visitor the pleasure of anticipation of a different experience and marks off the garden as a contemplative space.

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